The “Great Recession” has had widespread effects on how “Corporate America” handles its litigation needs. One of the enduring effects of the “Great Recession” on the legal industry is the client’s goal of receiving quality legal services at a reasonable price. That is the very definition of “value.” Value is what clients, especially large corporations, […]

Day one of a federal court receivership is an exciting and critical day. A Federal District Court has appointed you (or your client) as receiver over something; it may be an ongoing business, a property, monetary funds, an asset, or something else. This article addresses receiverships over an ongoing business allegedly operating an investment or […]

Nearly 22,000 condominiums are going up and planned in South Florida, and the appetite for pre-construction condos is pushing sale prices to pre-recession heights. The history of Florida real estate booms proves that this surge of activity will inevitably end. The question is how damaging a market correction would be this time around. Real estate […]

There are about 24,000 condos in the pre-sale stage in South Florida, and pre-construction prices keep going up. Are we going to see a market correction and what could cause that? The history of Florida real estate booms is that inevitably the boom ends. In the past, when construction loans were financed with a single […]