LKLSG partner Tom Lehman was successful in confirming a joint plan of reorganization for a Chapter 11 debtor, Fisherman’s Pier, Inc. (FPI), a company with substantial real estate holdings in Lauderdale By The Sea in Broward County, FL. Tom and Robin represented Spiro Marchelos, the 50% stockholder of FPI, whose Joint Plan of Reorganization, joined by Chapter 11 Trustee Soneet Kapilla,  was confirmed by Bankruptcy Judge Raymond Ray on August 7, 2018. Judge Ray’s Confirmation Order names Spiro Marchelos president of the Reorganized FPI and manager of the company. The firm’s success in confirming the Joint Plan ends more than three years of State Court litigation and management disputes between Spiro Marchelos and FPI’s other 50% stockholder and leaves Spiro Marchelos firmly in control of the company.