As discussed in a previous post, The Florida Bar has sought to enjoin a traffic ticket app, TIKD, from the unauthorized practice of law.  Last year, The Bar had begun investigating the App in response to a report from the Ticket Clinic.  In response to that investigation, TIKD filed an $11.4 million antitrust suit against The Florida Bar and the Ticket Clinic in November, alleging the two are conspiring to drive it out of business.

On Monday, the Ticket Clinic moved for sanctions against TIKD under Rule 11, which provides that a Court may impose penalties on any attorney, law firm, or party who asserts frivolous claims or defenses.  In the motion, the Ticket Clinic argues that the antitrust suit is frivolous because TIKD is not a law firm and cannot compete with law firms for legal services, calling the case an effort to “legitimize its own unlicensed practice of law.”


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