By Jason Kellogg The DOJ’s willingness to take closer looks at private class action settlements may throw yet another roadblock in the path of the prosecution and use of class actions.  In recent years, the judiciary has issued rulings limiting class action standing, have broadened the use of class action waivers and have complicated the […]

As discussed in a previous post, The Florida Bar has sought to enjoin a traffic ticket app, TIKD, from the unauthorized practice of law.  Last year, The Bar had begun investigating the App in response to a report from the Ticket Clinic.  In response to that investigation, TIKD filed an $11.4 million antitrust suit against The Florida […]

By Tom Lehman   Winn-Dixie could be headed to bankruptcy for a third time, the first two of which happened in 2005 and 2009. The corporate parent of the supermarket chain, Bi-Lo, plans to close 200 of the chain’s stores before or after filing for bankruptcy, which could happen as soon as March.   Bi-Lo […]

LKLSG L&E Attorney Jezebel P. Lima answered questions that she often hears from clients. In the field of labor and employment law, these concerns often arise, especially as technology progresses.   What do business owners and managers need to know before surveilling their own employees to prevent internal theft or monitor productivity? When using video surveillance, computer […]

The Florida Bar has opposed a member-backed petition to amend Rule 4-3.1 of the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, stating the changes would  “exact an automatic sanction on lawyers.”  Bar Rule 4-3.1 prohibits attorneys from asserting frivolous claims or defenses.  The proposed amendment provides that an appellate court determination that an attorney pursued a frivolous claim or defense […]