By Stephanie Reed Traband, Partner The District Court of Appeal of Florida, Fourth District recently reversed an order that allowed a private litigant to weaponize the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, which are designed to be ethical guidelines for attorneys.     In this case, our opposing counsel tried to use the guidelines against our client, […]

Lawrence A. Kellogg was nominated by his peers and has been recognized as the Best Lawyers® Litigation – Trusts & Estates 2020 “Lawyer of the Year” in Miami. Lawyer of the Year is awarded to only a single lawyer in each practice area and location each year. This is his second Lawyer of the Year […]

The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals recently affirmed a $4.3 million judgment that LKSLG Attorneys Jason Kellogg and Matthew McGuane secured in 2017 on behalf of client Leader Global Solutions, LLC.  Leader Global successfully enforced a personal guaranty against Samuel Yankelewitz, a prominent Costa Rican businessman, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.  Yankelewitz […]

LKLSG L&E Attorney Jezebel P. Lima answered questions that she often hears from clients. In the field of labor and employment law, these concerns often arise, especially as technology progresses.   What do business owners and managers need to know before surveilling their own employees to prevent internal theft or monitor productivity? When using video surveillance, computer […]

The “Great Recession” has had widespread effects on how “Corporate America” handles its litigation needs. One of the enduring effects of the “Great Recession” on the legal industry is the client’s goal of receiving quality legal services at a reasonable price. That is the very definition of “value.” Value is what clients, especially large corporations, […]

Nearly 22,000 condominiums are going up and planned in South Florida, and the appetite for pre-construction condos is pushing sale prices to pre-recession heights. The history of Florida real estate booms proves that this surge of activity will inevitably end. The question is how damaging a market correction would be this time around. Real estate […]

With high-profile Ponzi scheme cases, such as Bernie Madoff and Scott Rothstein, being front-page news for several years now, the public has grown accustomed to court-appointed fiduciaries, such as bankruptcy trustees and receivers. But there is another type of court-appointed fiduciary that is less known but equally effective these days – the corporate monitor. In-house […]

South Florida has many attractive attributes: bright sun, beautiful beaches, tropical temperatures with warm breezes from the Atlantic Ocean, swaying palm trees, five star-cuisine, South Beach night life, and a diverse population drawn from all parts of the world. These attributes attract tourists desiring fun and relaxation as well as new residents seeking a fresh […]

There are about 24,000 condos in the pre-sale stage in South Florida, and pre-construction prices keep going up. Are we going to see a market correction and what could cause that? The history of Florida real estate booms is that inevitably the boom ends. In the past, when construction loans were financed with a single […]