Day one of a federal court receivership is an exciting and critical day. A Federal District Court has appointed you (or your client) as receiver over something; it may be an ongoing business, a property, monetary funds, an asset, or something else. This article addresses receiverships over an ongoing business allegedly operating an investment or […]

Nearly 22,000 condominiums are going up and planned in South Florida, and the appetite for pre-construction condos is pushing sale prices to pre-recession heights. The history of Florida real estate booms proves that this surge of activity will inevitably end. The question is how damaging a market correction would be this time around. Real estate […]

With high-profile Ponzi scheme cases, such as Bernie Madoff and Scott Rothstein, being front-page news for several years now, the public has grown accustomed to court-appointed fiduciaries, such as bankruptcy trustees and receivers. But there is another type of court-appointed fiduciary that is less known but equally effective these days – the corporate monitor. In-house […]

South Florida has many attractive attributes: bright sun, beautiful beaches, tropical temperatures with warm breezes from the Atlantic Ocean, swaying palm trees, five star-cuisine, South Beach night life, and a diverse population drawn from all parts of the world. These attributes attract tourists desiring fun and relaxation as well as new residents seeking a fresh […]

There are about 24,000 condos in the pre-sale stage in South Florida, and pre-construction prices keep going up. Are we going to see a market correction and what could cause that? The history of Florida real estate booms is that inevitably the boom ends. In the past, when construction loans were financed with a single […]

In his address to the Annual Meeting of the American Arbitration Association in 2010, the Association’s then President, William K. Slate, raised eyebrows when in his keynote address he challenged AAA neutrals and corporate counsel attending the conference to be more aggressive in taking charge of the arbitration process, which, many believed had become too […]