Jeffrey Schneider is quoted in the Daily Business Review on whether mediation or arbitration is better for clients. “Lawyers have figured out over the years how to mess up arbitration, and make them costly and protracted,” Schneider said. “They drag them out, they file motions, they try and get discovery, they do various things in […]

Jeffrey Schneider is featured in a Q&A by, discussing insight into the firm’s operations and practices. “Our approach to innovation focuses on staying up to date with laws that will affect our practices and clients. We are always analyzing new laws and coming up with creative approaches to winning cases on behalf of our […]

Jeff Schneider, LKLSG Founding Partner, is quoted in Forbes discussing an Alabama lawsuit in which GreenSky, a financial technology company that provides point-of-sale consumer loans through home repair companies, is under scrutiny. “GreenSky made plumbers with no banking training or experience its de facto loan officers,” Schneider wrote. “GreenSky became responsible for the wrongful acts.” […]

Jeff Schneider, LKLSG Founding Partner, is quoted in the Palm Beach Post discussing an on-going case in which he represents the investors of an e-commerce and gaming app whose investments were allegedly misappropriated. A Palm Beach County businessman with a checkered past had attracted investors with the promise that he’d create a competitor to popular coupon […]

Jeff Schneider, LKLSG Founding Partner, and Jason Kellogg, LKLSG Partner, are mentioned in The Real Deal article discussing the court-appointed receiver for the Jay Peak EB-5 project, Michael Goldberg, suing the developers’ and the receivership entities’ former law firm in federal court in Miami. Schneider and Kellogg represent the receiver in the lawsuit. Read more.

Jeff Schneider LKLSG Founding Partner, is quoted in the Daily Business Review discussing a lawsuit tied to an incomplete hotel project. Foreign investors, who claim they were duped into putting $12 million into a Fort Lauderdale hotel project in exchange for green cards, are suing to reclaim their funds. Read more.